Lawn Your Yard!


Tired of spending your off days stuck outside in the blistering heat behind your old lawnmower that starts acting up the minute you look at it funny? Green Gardens Lawn understands that your free time is very valuable, and that’s why we want to give you more of it. Our grass cutting services in Harlingen, TX will keep your yard looking great and and your schedule free to do all of those other things you’ve always wanted to do. We’ve been in the business for years and have tons of experience with lawn mowing in the Rio Grande Valley area.

Consistent Grass Cutting Services to Fit Your Budget

During the spring and summer months especially, grass grows at an extremely high rate in the RGV. Lawn mowing needs to happen once a week at the very minimum, and if you miss a week or two, your grass will be up to your knees, making it extremely difficult to cut it in the future. Green Gardens Lawn provides lawn mowing services in Harlingen on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule to make sure your grass never becomes overgrown again.

If you’re thinking that the cost of lawn cutting services will be too expensive for you, think again. After purchasing a lawn mower and gas every time you need to mow the lawn, not to mention repairs that will pop up during the life of the lawnmower, our grass cutting services end up being less expensive than if you did it yourself on a weekly basis.

Dependable Grass Cutting Services Near You

Green Gardens Lawn is reliable and trustworthy and wants to help make your yard the best looking lawn on the block. We provide lawn mowing services in Harlingen Texas and the surrounding areas including: San Benito TX, La Feria TX, Rio Hondo TX, Brownsville TX, and many others. Give us a call today so we can keep your yard in great shape and your schedule wide open!

We want to thank the guys at JRP Services for giving us some insite on what to look for in a lawn care companies as they did this awesome article for us here at Tree Host Outdoors if you are in the Houston area and want more information of JRP and what they provide then click here


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